Master Modern Moulding [Or The Lack Thereof]

Master Modern Moulding

Whether you spell it moulding or molding, the use of decorative trim as a transition between your wall and ceiling has been around for ages. A technique that once served as a mask for naturally-occurring cracks in the wall-ceiling seam is now a solid design element that helps set the tone within a home. There was a time when you could easily determine a family’s style based upon their trimwork, but modern moulding trends are a mixed bag, and here’s hoping it stays that way!

Ornate Moulding

Many earlier styles of moulding are still present today, adorning countless walls with intricate embellishments. Does fancy woodwork remind you of Grandma’s parlor? Don’t write it off just yet! When paired with sleek, streamlined furnishings and décor, fussy becomes fresh in a flash.

Decorative crown molding

Source: MyDomaine


Master Modern Moulding in a Library with Wood Stain

Dentil moulding is a personal fave! Composed of evenly spaced blocks of any size, it stands strong on its own or can accompany more opulent patterns if you’re looking to make a grand statement.

decorative trim work

Hotel de Crillon


Traditional Crown Molding

Lauren King

Afternoon tea, anyone?

Streamlined Moulding

Streamlined moulding is where it’s at when you’re looking for a clean, tailored vibe, or when you simply want your walls to do the talking.

Wall Paneling Grid Pattern

Marie Flanigan Interiors


Hotel de Crillon

Hotel de Crillon

Drooling over the details of this men’s locker room! Who says you need ornate moulding to make a space feel grand?

Modern Trim

Marie Flanigan Interiors

We had a little fun with the crown moulding in this space, allowing it to travel straight up onto the ceiling!

Chair rail in dining room

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Clean, streamlined moulding allows the distinctive chair rail to take center stage.

The Less is More “Moulding”

Yeah, yeah, we know, this isn’t actually moulding at all, and sometimes, that’s the best way to go. Foregoing the use of moulding means your painting skills best be on point but, when done well, it celebrates a minimalist vibe that’s TDF.

Contemporary Office

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Whether you love or snub the Kardashians, you have to admit they’ve got style, and Kourtney’s mod office space designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard does simple so well.

No Moulding Contemporary Living Room

Marie Flanigan Interiors


Contemporary trim and moulding

Austin Harrelson

Contemporary Living Room

Melanie Turner

If you’re on the hunt for some fun trim-spiration, check out the virtual tour of Hotel de Crillon; every inch of this hotel is perfection and it boasts every moulding style we mentioned here today!

Before we go, what’s your moulding preference – ornate, streamlined, or less is more?


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