Stone in the Home – A Natural Beauty

Natural stone has been used since the very earliest days of construction, and, although it’s nothing new to the world of design, we can’t seem to get it off of our minds today! With slabs that are singular in grain and color, stone has a remarkable way of lending authenticity to a space and you can’t beat the sense of history it brings to any home. Combine that with durability and the fact that it’s always cool to the touch [making it ideal for warmer climates], and you’ve got a design element dreams are made of!

Options can feel endless when it comes to stone selection, but lately we’ve had our eyes on those with a rough, unpolished vibe; pieces that feel timeless, rich, and aged, as though they’ve been in place long before you built your home around them.


Serving as the perfect anchor for furnishings and décor, stone flooring is a classic, and, depending on selection and application, vibes can range from French Country to Mediterranean, or even modern. Stone floors look wonderful with rugs layered on top for warmth but we also love leaving these beauties bare!


Elle Decor – Michael S. Smith

Office with wood desk, tall upholstered chair, smaller wooded upholstered chairs, large windows, and large vase with olive branches.

Patina Farm

1 - Studio Downstairs 1-330

Reclaimed Stone Flooring Marie Flanigan Interiors

You’ll find Houstonians poolside for the majority of the year, which means we love a seamless transition from a home’s interior to its exterior, and stone flooring is a fantastic way to master that flow.

Expert Tip: Ask questions and test things out. Your stone source should be willing to work with you to ensure the finish you select is appropriate, e.g. it doesn’t get too slippery when wet and will be durable enough to stand up to all of the elements your local weather may throw its way.


Tod Williams Billie Tsien


Marie Flanigan Interiors


McAlpine Booth & Ferrier


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Nothing feels cozier than snuggling up to a stately stone fireplace, and the best part is that these beauties don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Yes, you can choose an antique Louis XV fireplace surround from Paris [and we want to come over if you do], but you can also find artisans who are willing to construct a lovely piece at a much more comfortable price point.


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Melanie Millner


Range Hood


Traditional Home



The Refined Group


Kitchen with white walls, exposed wood beams, large recessed range, wooden center island, marble counter top next to large open window, and view looking into outher room and outside garden.

Patina Farm


contemporary-bathroom ed7e4869fb94a84566bf70670b1bb800

stone wall bathroom via pinterest15




Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

No matter where you choose to use natural stone, don’t forget that it’s often porous and needs to be sealed every few years to prevent excessive wear and tear. And if you’re seeing stone in your future, we suggest checking out a few of our favorite spots: Alamo Stone, Alkusari, Chateau Domingue.

Happy Hunting!


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