Maximizing Small Spaces – Houston Life TV

I had the pleasure of joining the Houston Life TV cast and crew today where we spent a few minutes talking about small spaces and what we can all do to max them out! If you missed the show, click on over to view the segment here!

In case you’d like a closer look at the images seen on today’s show, scroll on to see some of my favorite space saving helpers!

Docking Drawer

Docking drawers are our new best friends because you can place them anywhere in your house and keep that counter space looking fresh and clean! We love inserting these in bathroom drawers to conceal hot tools, in kitchens to hide appliances, and in offices for a discreet place to charge your phones, tablets, and laptops.

Plate Holder

Replacing cabinets with drawers is a serious space-saver, especially when you have drawer inserts that help keep you organized. Consider moving dishes down to your lower drawers and adding these handy oak plate holders from Eggersman to free up some of your shelf space.

Stair Storage

Utilize the wasted space under your stairs by adding in a reading nook, shelving, storage, or even a tot-friendly hideaway to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every square foot your home has to offer!

Valet Rod Photo

Installing valet rods is a definite must in any closet. Not only are they super simple to install but they’re also a lifesaver when packing for a trip or simply trying to outfit plan for that big event you have tomorrow!

Keurig Tray

From the counter space to inside those drawers, who doesn’t love a clutter-free kitchen? [#Goals] Luckily, there are drawer systems a-plenty that can help make your kitchen a lean, mean machine! We particularly love this two-tier system from Cornerstone that helps hide away those pesky K-Cups while also housing any and all of your java-related needs.

I hope you enjoyed the tips highlighted here and if you’re loving all of these space-saving ideas, make sure to drop by this home tour that highlights the steps we took to design a compact guest home that feels light, bright, and larger than life!


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